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October - Bar Stool

When I sit in a bar, sometime without even noticing, I automatically take another stool and asset it to myself while I comfortably sit cross legged above the ground. I noticed other people are doing the same, to create a place for their belongings. From that observation I started to explore various malformations of a wooden bar stool archetype, doubling, stretching, joining, and the list goes on, all of them were to allow that extra “real estate” of your seat, to place your legs or bags.

After that journey of many sketches and small models I tried to reduce it all to the minimum while keeping my desired functionalities and aesthetic as well as the original archetype aesthetic.

I named the stool from the beginning of the process after the local

Tel-Avivian bar I sit at called “October” and it surprisingly happened that in the end it forms the number 10 from a top view.

* Created as part of the first year of studying

* The stool is made of Pine wood

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