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Teph•ra - Kettle

The design process started at a point where there was a shortage of modeling foam and I was challenged to find other ways to explore shape and volume, I worked with all sorts of papers and soft materials until I reached a base structure that is made of a simple rectangular sheet, wrapped in a cone shape which I later, translated to the final design.

My inspirations came from the movement itself of wrapping, as well as volcanoes, which are a natural boiling point that creates a contrast between hot and cold, light and dark.

I wanted the kettle to have elegant yet mysterious characteristics that won't suit any person.


* Created as part of the first year of studying

* Tephra *

Fragmental material produced by a volcanic eruption. Volcanologists also refer to airborne fragments as pyroclasts. Once clasts have fallen to the ground, they remain as tephra unless hot enough to fuse together into pyroclastic rock or tuff.

Tephra means ash in greek.

* It feels better in your left hand


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