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As part of “soft materials” course we designed bags. we were asked to go to the local “Carmel” market in Tel-Aviv to get inspiration and focus it on a recipe or an ingredient.

I decided to explore the Onion as my main focus, while combining it with a simple bag or sack, that holds and presents the market goods to us.

I explored sewing techniques to combine strips and lines that refers to the onion strips and husks. I wanted to bring the idea and aesthetic of the onion to the bag while keeping it still far enough from it to have its own personality and uniqueness.


The bag is made almost entirely from leather, the lining is made out of stretching textile.


The leather is sewn to the stretchy fabric in straight lines from top to bottom and combining the two to become the shell of the bag, later I made precise “random” incisions between the sewing lines that go only through the leather and not through the lining, which allows the bag to take many shapes and expand according to its contents, creating an ever changing appearance.

* Created as part of the second year of studying

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